How do the top travel agencies in North America market and drive sales? What are the secrets they use to get new clients and develop true client loyalty?  This online course will teach you the strategies and tactics used by the best agencies to take your travel practice from where it is now to where you have always wanted it to be.
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Marketing isn't a bag of tricks, it's a mindset. What if you knew the secret to absorbing and then implementing the best marketing tactics methodically and with a plan based on client relationships and your own personality?
There’s always room for improvement, but maybe you are approaching your sales program without a consistent, authentic plan. Building on trust and relationships, your clients will demonstrate loyalty if you show them how.
What if the real secret to effecting customer service was as simple as keeping the promises you made to yourself when you entered the travel industry? 
Customer Service
The psychological shifts you need to make to create strong, lifelong relationships with clients. How to find new clients and how to retain your existing ones. No more marketing "tricks" but an authentic approach to client loyalty.
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Over 100  Online Lessons in Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. 
Not just theory, but actual techniques and mindsets that work!
In every profession, there is a group of people who do exceptionally well in the execution of their discipline. This is the top 20%, the ones earning the income they want, the ones with the free time they want. You read about them in trade magazines and even in consumer publications. They are hosted by travel trade shows to meet with suppliers and those suppliers respect their ability to pull off their business strategies. Their websites and Facebook page are littered with client testimonials.

The difference between the top 20% of any profession and the balance of the population is often no more than a mindset, a way of thinking about their business. You are capable of whatever you want to achieve, but it is necessary to adopt some of the psychological shifts we discuss in Up and Running. The trick is to develop the muscle memory capable of integrating the principles involved into your travel practice. You need to be able to think and act automatically, without hesitation.
Who are we? You know us already.
Course instructor Richard Earls has spent the last 29 years in the travel industry as an agency owner, a technologist, a publisher and a writer. A serial entrepreneur, Richard has sold two of his start-up companies prior to his current projects, Travel Research Online, Travmarket and Voyager Websites.

Richard believes a new breed of travel agent is ready to emerge from the masses. The days of the casual travel agent are gone and only those who take the art and science of marketing and sales to heart will truly be in demand and succeed.
The publishing credits to Richard’s resume are many, including Weissmann Travel Reports, STAR Service, Intelliguide, BTP24, Voyager Travel Guides and Travel Research Online. Articles about Richard have appeared in USA Today, Money Magazine, and Newsweek as well as numerous travel trade publications. His travel articles appear in both consumer and trade publications alike. 

Richard is a frequent speaker at industry events and a contributor to other industry publications. He is an instructor in The Travel Institute’s Professional Educators Program, and has authored travel agent certification programs for several tourism authorities, tour operators and cruise lines.

Richard graduated from Wake Forest University with a BA in Religion and English, studied in graduate Religion programs at the University of Virginia, and graduated from Washington and Lee University with a Juris Doctorate.
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